9 Innovative CES 2017 Smart Home Gadgets That We Tested

Some products that claim to revolutionize smart homes aren’t exactly that impressive. But when we covered the topic of smart houses at CES 2017, several big brands and new startups took our eyes off.

Sleep Number 360:

Sleep steals the show at CES 2017 with Bed Number 360 for smart home tech that warms your feet, tracks your sleep, and makes adjustments when you roll out in the middle of the night. It also has automatic snoring detection and lifts the top of the bed to eliminate snoring. The bed’s smart alarm feature will wake people up when they sleep lightly, so they don’t fall asleep.

The Sleep Number 360 is very comfortable, and the adjustments are so comfortable that I can easily sleep through them. This is the “smartest” bed I’ve ever seen, and it will be interesting to see how the bed holds up to daily use.


Playbulb makes smart home gadgets such as Bluetooth light bulbs, ball color changing table lights, and other speakers. Playbulb is also a manufacturer of smart candles. It’s not new (they’re currently available on Amazon), and they’re a bit artificial—they stop when you blow it out like a normal candle.


TP-Link announced several new products and Google Home compatibility. One of the new devices that stands out is the WiFi Range Extender Smart Plug. Smart plugs are nice, but the added functionality is a nice couple price tag to meet the dead zone. They also announced a new router that can simultaneously communicate with up to 4 devices. This is important for a smart home where a few connected devices communicate simultaneously. Two cameras were also announced to use its high-end smart lights.

Play-Doh Touch:

Kalpana came from last year. Kids don’t need to use their imagination to fold their toys; they can do it using technology. Play-Douch allows Play-DOH objects to be scanned using cellular applications. After scanning, a 3D version of your object is created that you can play with. Objects can be taken to the virtual world and even a unique personality thanks to their design. Very impressive what they can achieve with children’s toys. It was also surprising that it was only $40 and was still available.


It’s one of our #1 CES 2017 savvy home gadgets to attempt. Basically show the far off on the shrewd gadget and change the point of interaction to control the gadget. In the first place, it seems to be IR involves significant distance brightening or controls the TV as you direct it. In any case, as a general rule, Intake works by planning your parlor with three ball sensors that understand what you appear. It’s extremely exact, and you can swipe left and right without showing them to change devices.

It appears to be extremely valuable as it cooperates with savvy gadgets exceptionally quick. Voice orders are entirely agreeable however not amicable or quick. We additionally like that you can program different things at home for extraordinary undertakings. For instance, when he focuses to the way to consume, the point of interaction changes to Uber to arrange.

Mueral smart art:

The mural is one of the smart gadgets that you must understand. With a library stocked with 30,000 modern and classic art, it takes up your wall space as the artwork rotates every day or one hour per hour. The screen is LCD and has a matte layer, which reduces glare and looks like a work of art until you get close.

You can manually switch between different works of art using simple friction movements. This app allows users to create a playlist and search for their murals by painting them in search mode.


Honeywell shows off two new cameras at the CES 2017 Smart House booth: the Song C1 and C2. Melody C1 is 720p and C2 is 1080p. Both have double sound, 8GB inner stockpiling, night vision, and a discovery zone. What makes this security camera special is its storage. Honeywell reps tell us that the camera continues to record and store on camera before uploading to the cloud. That way, there’s no difference compared to a security camera that starts recording when motion is detected. The camera likewise works in a Songs application, so you have some control over your indoor regulator melodies and surveillance cameras in a single spot.

Honeywell will offer 24 hours of free cloud storage, of which payment options will expand. The camera is equipped with a free 8GB microSD card.

SpinTales by TILT:

The growth, in reality, grows especially with the popularity of Pokemon Go. Spin Stories has play mats and covered beds for kids who can interact using AR. Spin stories show nuts that grow from a bed, and a tiger jumps off the mat. Unlike Pokemon Go, this application will not play with your child in front of strangers.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0:

The Samsung kitchen appears as the center of your family with cooking. Now the refrigerator will recognize the sound, and you can get food from your refrigerator. You can also add things to two lists, a calendar and a shopping list, and see the weather. Initially, everything people do with pen and paper in the refrigerator is now built into your sound and screen. Leave a love note (or anger) for your kids or partner.

All Samsung French Door models will be made Family Hub, and their existing models have been improved with the latest software. In short, smart fridges will become more “normal” in 2017.

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